School Rating Notification

Pursuant to NRS 388A.367, we are required to notify all parents of our 2017-18 school rating under the Nevada School Performance Framework. As a first-year school, we are pleased to have outperformed many of the schools surrounding our location. In fact, at the elementary level we outperformed all surrounding schools in math. We are not, however, content with our results in any way and seek to significantly increase our performance this school year. It is our goal to have ninety percent proficiency or greater in both math and ELA within five years. We are confident that with your help, we will be able to achieve that goal.

In the table below, we have compiled the published 2017-18 ratings for ourselves as well as the schools immediately surrounding our location. Since we were known as American Leadership Academy North Las Vegas last school year, our results will be reported under that name. As you can see, we were rated as a two-star school in both Elementary School and Middle School. The star ratings range from one to five, indicating that we scored in the second-lowest category for our inaugural school year.

We appreciate your continued support as we work to make Freedom Classical Academy a top-performing school.

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