Notice of Examinations

Nevada Revised Statutes 390.275

The governing body of each charter school shall provide a written notice regarding examinations to all teachers and educational personnel employed by the governing body who are involved in the administration of the examinations, all pupils who are required to take the examinations, and all parents and legal guardians of such pupils, that includes (1) a description of the adopted test security plan, and (2) action that may be taken against personnel and pupils for violations of the plan or for other irregularities in testing administration or testing security.

State Assessments at Freedom Classical Academy

As a public school funded by the State of Nevada, Freedom Classical Academy is required to participate in all state-mandated assessments. Students attending Freedom Classical Academy are also required to participate in these examinations, as are all students attending public schools. Freedom Classical Academy has adopted test administration and security procedures that all staff and students are required to follow. Additionally, the school adopts an assessment calendar each year. Both of these documents are available for you below. If you have questions regarding state assessments, we encourage you to contact Mrs. Henderson at

Test Security

Test Calendar